The Fab Five!

The Fab Five!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Puzzle Card Girl

Jenna- "I wish I could be a puzzle card"
Mommy- "Why do you want to be a puzzle card?"
Jenna- "Because then I could be this cute little girl on here with this blue dress"
Mommy- "But you are much cuter than the little girl on the puzzle card"
Jenna- "Mommy I just need to be her okay, just need to be her that's all"

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


SO here is the first entry to my newest blog. This idea came from my great friend Brooke Coyle (who has identical twin miracle babies like us)I decided I wanted to keep a record of the comments my precious little ones make each day. I hear them say things that make me laugh, sometimes make me angry/crazy, but mostly make me cry with laughter or just remember the innocence and love a child is a purity that I know will soon be gone, so for now I want to record them and treasure them with this blog.

I want to start with a letter I found from Claire last night:

"Dear (_____),
I know you don't know me, but my mom told me about you and your mom. All that I wanted to say to you is that I know your mom is in the hospital all the time now. I know what you feel like because in 2008 my mom was pregnant with twin boys and I didn't get to see her very much. But it is worth not being able to see her because it taught me a big lesson to pray and think about people who don't even have a mom. Hope you can write back soon. Love, Claire"

Now my sweet 8 year old had tears well up in her eyes when I told her about mommy's new friend (who is pregnant with quads and is living in the room I lived in a year and a half ago) This woman has a seven year old daughter who doesn't get to visit her mommy much and is having a hard time right now. They live in Albertville (north AL) so Brookwood Hospital is not conveniently located to "home"..Claire came in from school and summoned to a piece of writing paper and pencil immediately. She said, "Mommy can you please take this to your friend who is having the quads"...what a big heart she has..

On a lighter note, this morning I was sharing a few Jenna moments with the YMCA ladies.

Jenna- "Mommy, do your boobies have apple juice too or not just milk"
Mommy- "No Jenna, just milk for the boys"
Jenna- "Oh"
***Moving into the kitchen for cereal
Jenna- "Mommy, is mine breast milk cereal or regger (regular) milk cereal?"
Mommy- "Your cereal is always regular milk cereal Jenna"
Jenna- "Oh thank you mommy and Ellie gets soy milk cause she is matactose intomerent"
Mommy- "Yes, Jenna, Ellie is lactose intolerant and gets the soy milk"

Background Knowledge:(I was teaching Jenna about penguins one day and the words male and female came up. I explained that males are boys and females are girls. She seemed to understand, we gave examples....Mommy is a female, Jenna is a female, Claire and Ellie are females, Daddy and the brothers are males. Two weeks later she was at Lee Lee's school (her old daycare) and told her teacher that her friend (a boy) had a penguin when he went to the potty!!! Poor girl is scared for life!

Jenna- "Mommy, James Daniel is pulling his penguin again!" (as I am preparing to get them out of the tub)
Mommy- "Okay Jenna, it is fine, boys like to pull their penguins"
Jenna- "But we don't have penguins do we mommy?"
Mommy- "No Jenna we don't"
Jenna- "Can I just have a jelly bean instead?" (this though she meant literally because our pantry is laced with jellybeans this time of the year)