The Fab Five!

The Fab Five!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Chicken Fingers, "Tovers", DNA transfer

Mommy:"Oh my goodness, I can't believe I am feeding my children this drive thru garbage (Dairy Queen)..."
Claire: "But we NEVER get to have this yummy garbage Mommy!"
Jenna: "Oh this chicken fingers is gonna bless my life!!!"

James Daniel:"Top it bubbie" (stop it bubbie)
John David:"Gimme dose tovers Jamey" (Give me those covers James)
James Daniel:"I tant bubbie, my peet are told" (I can't bubbie, my feet are cold)

Mommy: "Explain the reproductive system"
Claire: "Well, basically it is DNA transfer and that is all Mrs. Carr wants to to know. She said the parts are not really important, just the DNA transfer!"
Mommy:" are not nearly as imporatant as the DNA transfer...bahahahah!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Cute Conversations....

In attempt to "catch up", I am going to start with the conversation I had with John David over the past few weeks.

Tucking the boys into bed always proves to be quite entertaining. The first week in their knew bunk beds I had them snuggled in with their lovie blankets and bears/blue bunnies, and as soon as the moment was quiet and calm, I leaned down to kiss them one more time and John David looked up at me with the biggest grin and brightest eyes, and said, "You show poud a me mommy" (aka, You so proud of me mommy) and when I said, "Of course I am so proud of you John David"...he then said, "Doan show poud a me too mommy" (aka, Joan so proud of me too mommy)....

Tonight I was telling him a story...
Mommy: "The mean, snappy witch was prowling around the neighborhood looking for little boy toes to nibble on"
John D."I no yike de mean itch mommy" (I don't like the mean witch mommy)
Mommy: "Yes, the witch is mean, but the little boys are very crafty and smart. They decide to hide from the witch as she passes by...and guess where they are going to hide from her?"
John D. "BAFFROOM" (bathroom)....

bhahahaha....I just laughed outloud when he said, "bathroom"...what a cutie!

Rob took the Ipad away from the boys because it was bedtime and IPad time was over. John David became extremely upset and shouted,
"Daddy took the ipad from me mommy"...screaming crying~

Picking up the kids from the YMCA today...
Jenna: "Mommy, James was a bully today, he keeped on saying 'hey buddy you want my blanket and then he said NO and ran away. He made John David cry all the time and boy we were so tired of it"
Mommy: "Jenna, you are such a little you get tired of taking care of your brothers everyday?"
Jenna: "Well, it is a hard job but I love it!"

At Costco upgrading my phone last week. I told the sales associate how dissatisfied I had been with my Blackberry phone and I had planned on 'burying' it (of course just being silly).....and apparently a few little ears overheard me..
Jenna:"Hey mommy what are we doing after church today?"
Mommy:"I don't know Jenna, probably just play outside and I might plant some flowers"
Jenna: "And bury your phone too?"

I got pulled over my a cop one morning on my way to school (cutting through a neighborhood AND driving 30 in a 20) I start fussing about being late to my meeting...

Claire:"Well, I guess it would be better to be late to a meeting if the other option is being on time with a speeding ticket!!!"...
Mommy:"Claire, you are too grown for your age sweetheart!"

When school started we ended up leaving James' blue bunny (the blue bunny he has had since the NICU days and carries everywhere with him), so once we were home preparing for bedtime routine, he started looking for it...
James:"Mommy, I need bu bunny" (aka I need blue bunny)
Mommy:"James, buddy I am sorry but your blue bunny is at Ms.Joan's house"
James:"I want you go get it den Mommy"
Mommy:"I can't go get it, the bunny is at Ms. Joan's house and it is bedtime, so we can get it tomorrow, okay bud?"

Between teaching Ellie bible verses and remembering the books she is reading in school, one morning she says,
Ellie:"Mommy I can't find my school book, the one with Jack and Annie and the RedCoats"
Mommy:"What book is it Ellie, do you remember the title of the book?"
Ellie: "Well yes, it is the 'Revelation-ary War' book...
Mommy:"I think you mean the 'Revolutionary War'...but close Ellie Bug! hahaha"

Dressing for church one morning, I hear from the top of the stairs...
Ellie:"Moooooooommmmmyyyy, do you want us to wear something 'PACIFIC' to church?
Claire:"You are saying it wrong Ellie, it is 'specific'

Jenna:"Hey Mommy, I just ran to there and back and my heart is now you think it is God trying ot talk to me but I can't hear it very good.

Speaking of future...
Babysitter says, "What kind of car do you want to have one day?"
Claire: "I want a Honda Accord"
Ellie, "I want a mini van like my momma's!

Monday, February 7, 2011

BOY oh BOY do we have some BOY conversations!

I have been waiting so long to post a conversation between 'my boys' and the time has finally we go for the first conversation....

We are leaving their school today and I said (like I always do), "So boys, did yall have a good day at Ms. Joan's?"....(I always ask them this and they don't usually say much) Today however, they started TALKING like never before...
Here are the vocab words to understand better....Joan is 'Doan' and snack is 'nack', and they call each other 'bubby' and James is 'Dames'

John David: "Hey Mommy, I Doan home, yay"
Mommy: (so surprised by the response) "Wow, buddy, you had a good day at Mrs. Joan's?"
James: "Me Mommy, Dames go Doan's"
Mommy: (really thrilled now that James has chimed in) "Oh my goodness buddy, you had a fun day at Mrs. Joan's too"
John David: "No no bubby I nack"
(Joan had given them a bag of gold fish for the car ride home)
James: "Yay bubby I nack too"
John David: "Mommy I more nack no bubby nack"
Mommy: "John David we have plenty of snack so you and brother can both have some snack, okay"
James: "NOOOOOOO, Mommy, NOOOOOOOO" and he starts screaming.
Mommy: "James Daniel Pate we aren't going to use ugly screaming voices toward our brother, that is ugly and mean"
John David: STARTS LAUGHING and says: "Ha Ha bubby"
(WE all started laughing...even Clarie looked at me and said, "Oh my gosh, did you just hear John David say 'ha ha' to James"

Later on in the evening we are finishing up dinner as I give each kid (yes all five) a wipee to clean their mouth and hands before leaving the table. I am cleaning up dishes and I hear the boys talking to each other again...again, here is the vocab. tape is 'dape' and broke is 'boke' and this is 'dis'

John David: "Bubby I do dis"
James: "Yay, me bubby, me"
(they are cleaning the table now with their wipes)
John David: "Uh oh bubby boke"
James: "Mommy boke, Mommy boke"
Mommy: "Hey buddy did your wipe break"
(beacuse I notice they have both ripped up their wipe and there are shreds of wipee all over the floor)
John David: "Dape Mommy, I boke"
Mommy: "Did you say tape John David?"
John David: "Yeah" (as clear as the sky is blue, he said YEAH when I asked him if he needed tape for his broken wipee)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Polyester Fiber, God and Wisemen, Good Smelling Breath!

I realize it has been over a month since I have posted these crazy kids' cute little comments, but I got some good goes!

Ellie scrabling to the restroom and Jenna was in her way...
Ellie: "Move Jenna faster than that!" (while crying hysterically, dancing around holding herself)
Ellie: "Jenna I have to potty, and it is going to come out!" (still crying and whinning)
Jenna: "Oh Ellie, what's the big deal, calm down, I said!" (using her most sarcastic voice ever)

**If you don't think kids listen to what mommy and daddy say...HA...THEY DO!

Driving down the road to church one morning...
Jenna: "Hey mommy, did you know that Jesus had to be moved to Jeruselum"
Mommy: "Wow, Jenna that is very smart, where did you learn that?"
Jenna: "Oh, God told me yesterday when I was talking to Him"
Mommy: LAUGHING OUT LOUD because she said it so matter of factly. SO I said, "What else did God tell you?"
Jenna: "Just some other stuffs too like the wise men and things"
Mommy:"What about the wise men?"
Jenna: "Well, if you don't have some ice-water and need some they can bring some to you."
Mommy: "Really?" "How do you know this?!"
Jenna: "I already told you, God told me this stuffs!"

I smelt Claire's lotion or parfume and mentioned, "Something smells good, what is that I am smelling?"
Jenna responds: "It's my breath!"

Driving to the YMCA (notice how many conversations happen in our van driving somewhere?) Jenna is snuggling with her pillow pet (it's a penguin of course)and I hear....
Jenna: "No it is not a Ellie"
Ellie: "Yes it is Jenna"
Jenna: "No it is not Ellie"
(back and forth at least 10 times!!)
Ellie: "Jenna doesn't believe me that her penguin is full of POLYESTER FIBER"
Jenna: (crying now) "She is not full, she is hungry for peanut butter roll ups and Ellie is not obeying"
Ellie: "But I am trying to show her the polyester fiber ticket and she won't let me" (because Ellie reads the most random things like tags on pillow pets!)
Claire: (laughing) "They are relentless"......