The Fab Five!

The Fab Five!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Con-a-strate, "what the world" and living at the ballpark

Ellie and Jenna were modeling clay at the kitchen table while I was cooking... I over hear Jenna speaking to Ellie...

Jenna: "I need you to stop it Ellie!"
Ellie: "Jenna, I am not doing anything!"
Jenna: "Well, I am trying to con-a-strate (concentrate)on my design ELLIE!!!"

I had a doctor's appointment this morning at Brookwood Hospital, as we walked across the crosswalk, Jenna looked out the window and said, "Oh my gosh, what the world, we are on top of this and the cars are not..hahahah"

Yesterday I was looking for Jenna (couldn't find her, assumed she was upstairs playing in her room)then she rounds the corner of the dining room and I questioned her...
Mommy: "Jenna girl, what were you doing? I couldn't find you"
Jenna: "I just couldn't get up Mommy. I was so tired, you know what I mean?"
Mommy: (laughing out loud) "Yes, Jenna I know exactly what you mean, Mommy is tired every single day!"

I have been working with Jenna on our address and phone numbers and such. Ellie asked her today what her address was and she looked puzzled???
Ellie: "Jenna what is your address?"
Jenna: (odd look on her face)
Mommy: "Ellie, ask her where she lives, instead of what her address is"
Ellie: "Jenna where do you live?"
Jenna: "At the ballpark and a home called bent creek"

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Summer Plans, United States, and God's Power

This post is just some Ellie quotes!

ELlie: "Hey Jenna, you want me to teach you some states I know from school?"
Jenna: "No."
Ellie: "Well, there is Del-ware, and Georgia and Indiana, and I-wowa, Hawaii, Tennessee, North Carolin, Mississippi, Utah, and Idaho!"
Mommy: "Ellie, I think you meant Iowa, not I-wowa"
Ellie: "Oh yea, I just get them a little confused cause there are FIFTY of them!!!"

Mommy: "Hey girls, we need to remember a new friend when we say our prayers each day, okay. Her name is Johanna and she is feeling a little angry at God right now.
Jenna: "Why is her mad at God, what did he do?"
Ellie: "How come she is angry?"
Mommy: "Well, she really wants a baby and doesn't feel like God will give her one"
CLaire: "Why does she think He won't let her have a baby"
Mommy: "Well...because she has been hoping for one for a long time and she is feeling like giving up hope that He will answer her prayer of having a child...."
Ellie: "But you know what Mommy, God has more powers than a million powers together and he loves us more than all the powers because he let Jesus die for us and God can help her because He just can cause He does everything"

Mommy: "Ellie would you like to tell me your list of summer fun activities you'd like to do?"
Ellie: "sure...let's see, first I want to go to the galleria, then the summit to shop for dresses only, then the park and I want to jump (on the trampoline) for one whole day and not get off, play in the dirt cause it is my most favorite, paint with your good paint and brushes, make modeling clay, dance in the basement to Claire's music but really loud, and go to Jesse's place to take my clothes and toys to those girls (Jesse's Place is a shelter for battered women and their children), eat ice-cream from the ice-cream truck, have a spend the party at night, go to Alex's house (Alex is a former student of mine that my girls absolutely LOVE)....

Mommy: "Well Ellie, that is an awesome list of fun things to do...hopefully we can do them all"
Ellie: "Oh wait a minute, please write down ALABAMA ADVENTURE, but remember it is just me and Claire and you and Daddy, NO LITTLE ONES...okay!?!?!"

Thursday, May 6, 2010

State Flowers, Burgers, Boogers, and Make-UP

Ellie reading her states fact book...

Ellie: "Mommy did you know the Mississippi state has a 'mag-a-noley' for a state flower"
Mommy: "Ellie, I think you mean 'magnolia'"
Ellie: "Oh, yeah, sure Mommy"

Ellie: "Well that is strange"
Jenna: "What Ellie, What Ellie"
Ellie: "Well...Main and New York have the same state flower"
Jenna: looking very confused, "Huh?"
Ellie: "Nothing Jenna, you need to be a five year old like me one day!"

Daddy is grilling hamburgers and Ellie was the kitchen helper...
Ellie: "Mommy, do you smell those hamburgers?"
Mommy: "yes Ellie, I do and they smell wonderful"
Ellie; "Well, Mommy those burgers smell screamin good"

Jenna: "I think I feel like I need my pajamees and I need them right now"
(this was on the way back from playing outside waiting for Claire to get off the bus)

Mommy: "Jenna please stop picking your nose!"
Jenna: "Mommy, I am NOT picking my nose, I am tracing it!"
**I assume this stems from "tracing" our letters everyday...**

Last but not least, walking the neighborhood yesterday, the big girls left Jenna and she yelled out at them, "I AM STAYIN WITH MOMMY CAUSE SHE HAS THE REAL MAKE-UP, NOT PRETEND MAKE-UP, AND I AM A PRINCESS!!" **and then she started crying hysterically because they left her**