The Fab Five!

The Fab Five!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Interview with Ellie B. Pate

How old are you? five

What makes you excited? Having a birthday party.

What makes you sad? When I was suppose to go on a date night but Claire had competition that night.

Where is your favorite place to go? To the beach because I love to swim and on the way I get to watch movies the entire time and you don't ever let us watch movies all the day long.

What is something you are good at doing? Writing stories and doing gymnastics.

What is your favorite drink? hot chocolate
snack? chocolate dipped bars
dessert? brownies
supper? pizza at Jason's Deli
hamburger place? Hamburger Heaven

What food do you hate to eat? broccoli, and zucchini

What do you want to be when you grow up? fashion model in the morning, and massage girl in the day, and chef baker for cakes in the night....

What scares you? When I am by myself I think an old lady will take me away.

What makes you love your sisters? they play with me and share panties that we all like the same kind...

What do you enjoy playing? Steamroller on the trampoline with Daddy.

What do you think the most important thing in life is? love Jesus!

Who is your teacher and what do you like about her? Mrs. Dye and that she does literacy centers in the middle of the day and that she makes me feel special when she talks about my family in the computer lab...

What size shoes do you wear? 12

If you could change one thing about you, what would you change? Nothing because I am perfectly fine...(WOW...can't we all learn a lesson from those words)

What makes you special and unique? I am in the middle of girls in my family and I have one big sisters and one little sister and miracles for brothers...

If you could choose to do one thing all day and never stop til bed time, what would it be? cook and eat in the kitchen all day and night.

Who is someone you miss? Ms. Lori from my Eclipse class and Becky and Rosie in Utah, and Uncle Ryan in Utah because he is wild and funny like me.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Just Some Rusty Eyes...

Getting ready for school this morning...

Ellie: "Mommy I have a small problem!"
Mommy: "What is wrong Ellie, I need you to quickly get your shoes on so we can leave"
Ellie: "But Mommy, I can't see well because I have some rust in my eyes"
Mommy: "RUST?!, you mean 'crust' from the sleepy in your eyes?"
Ellie: "No mam, I mean rust because they are not working good and I can pick it out and they still don't work good"

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Puke Smell and Drum Player, plus "questions"

Ellie talking to herself in the back of the van:
"Oh what am I smelling, it smells like puke back here..."
Then she mutters under her breath..."It must be Jenna"

Random out of the blue, Ellie states: "When I go to highschool one day, I am going to be a drummer girl"
Mommy: "What makes you want to be a drummer girl?"
Ellie: "Oh just that I would be a good drummer, or maybe even an electric guitar girl!!!"
Claire: "Well, I am sticking with being a cheerleader"
Jenna: "Mommy, what is me gonna be?"
Mommy: "Jenna girl, you can be whatever you want..."
Ellie: "Hey, Jenna you can be a dancer girl"
Jenna: "Nah...Ellie, I am gonna be me, Jenna Pate"

Ellie also has begun the 'inquisitive stage' of development...I remember this with Claire too. It is not the 'why' question all the time...instead, it is kind of like the questions that come from wondering
Ellie: "Mommy, how does the metal on a hair clip get there?"
Ellie: "Mommy, I know another word for is enormous...but why are there more than one words for words?"
Ellie: "If God makes all the people, why does he make some of the people bad?"
Ellie: "When people go to the Lake of Fire, do they drown in the lake and does the fire come up to their necks?"

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Daddy, Rob, and the RUNS

Jenn Goode (a wonderful friend of ours) kept Jenna and the boys this week until their home daycare opens up next week. As I picked Jenna up, she began telling me about her day with Ms. Jenn...
Mommy: "Jenna how was your day?"
Jenna: "Good, but I had the runs today"
Mommy: "Awe, did your tummy hurt?"
Jenna: "No silly Mommy, my exercise today was doing Ms.Jenn's runs"
Jenna: "And boy was I 'pooped'"...hahah

I am trying to unlock Rob's car while holding five bags, my purse, water bottle, phone, etc...and Jenna looks up at me and says:
"Mommy, do you need me to get Rob for you?"

Jenna playing a game called "Bop It" and the game talks back to you when you mistakenly hit a wrong button...Jenna is playing it and I hear...
"WHAT...What's up with that...He said I got ONE"

My favorite one from last week, was Jenna telling me on the way to school,
"Mommy, I was not liking it this morning when Daddy woke me up, I told him I wasn't done sleeping yet...maybe he didn't understand...he keeped waking me up still, and I wasn't done sleeping!"

Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Books of the Bible...

Claire-9, Ellie-5 and Jenna-3....

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Daddy, Strawbery Banana Lips, Bras....

wow, I am behind...been so busy lately..but here are a few recent "comments" from my kiddos...

Ellie: "Mommy, have you ever noticed Daddy has bumping arms, ya know, kind of chunky"
Mommy: "I think what you mean is that Daddy has 'muscular' arms.."
Ellie: "Oh okay, I thought they were just bumpy"

We have our house for sale and I recently told the girls that we had to pick up the house for Mr. Ben to come over and see it. Jenna says:
"Is he a new the old daddy, but better?"

Tucking Jenna in the bed (claire's bed) for naptime....
Mommy: "Jenna I smell strawberry banana..did you get into Claire's lipstick again?"
Jenna: "No"
Mommy: "Jenna it is important to tell the truth, so you need to just tell me if you took some of Claire's strawberry-banana lipstick"
Jenna: (using her sweetest smile and voice) "No Mommy, you are smelling my spit!!"
Mommy: (leaning in to give her a big ole kiss) "Jenna girl, I smell it on your lips..I know you took her lipstick!"
Jenna: "Mommy I am 'for real' not pretend..I didn't get hers lips"

Bra Shopping with Claire...

Mommy: "Claire Bear, I can't believe you are going to fourth grade and we are shopping for bras"
Claire: "Well, you know there are different kinds of bras"
Mommy: "Yes, I do. Why don't you share with me what you are talking about"
Claire: "Well, there are three kinds. A regular kind, a sporty kind and a cone kind"
Mommy: (with a strange look on her face) "What in the world is a 'cone kind' of bra?"
Claire: "You know, the kind that poke out with the bar on the bottom"
Mommy: (laughing hysterically inside my head) "Oh yes, I know what you mean"
Claire: "But I don't have anything to put in the cone kind yet, so a regular one will be just fine!!!!!"

LAUGHING OUT LOUD in my head of course...

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Jenna and I were walking with one of the custodians down the hallway of my school yesterday....this lady is so nice and works amazingly hard for us. She is however, very larger, so Jenna is CURIOUS....

Jenna: "Mommy how come hers has a really big ole hiney?" (she asks so innocently too)
Mommy: "Jenna do you see the pond outside Mommy's school?" (I am trying to deter her from further question!)
Jenna: **with an even louder voice** "No, Mommy I didn't say a pond, I said hers has a big hiney!!!"
The Lady: "What's your name sweetie?"
Jenna: "Jenna Kaffryn (Kathryn) Pate"
Mommy: "Look, there is the pond, and I think it may have a baby turtle in it!!?!?"
(Jenna pats the lady on her leg and says...
The Lady: "Oh okay, you be so cute Jenna, have you a good day now"


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Allergic to Watermelon and NO APPLE JUICE..please!

At Claire's softball tournament over the weekend, a lady (who spoke a little red-neck) asked Claire if she wanted some "wutermelon" that she apparently had cut inside of a kiddie pool as it was all just floating around coated with flies and gnats. Of course I intervened and kindly said, "No thank you" sweet Claire Bear said, "Mommy, you should have just told her we were allergic to watermelon!" I am just thankful that Claire knows better than to eat watermelon from a total stranger, at a ballpark, coated with flies and sprinkled with dirt!!! Good thing Jenna wasn't around, she'd been in the pool floating with the "wutermelon"...

On the way home from "the ballpark" one night:

Jenna: "Mommy, can I have the boys' juice cup cause I am so so thirsty?"
Mommy: "Yes, Jenna that is fine, thank you for asking nicely"
Jenna: **with a grimace** "EWWWW, that is terrible, I will just have some blueberry pomegranate okay Mommy!"
Mommy: "Where did you hear blueberry pomegranate from Jenna?"
Jenna: "Oh, my sister Ellie says that words all the time!"

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Best Comment YET!

Claire Bear with her brothers before her game.

Ellie and Jenna taking a break from playing to have a blow pop...yes, I do let my kids eat sugar occasionally...haha! Notice how sweaty they felt like a rainforest out there..UGH!

Claire is playing All Stars this summer so we LIVE at the ball park. Last night, as we are standing around watching the game (and a bunch of little Pate kids running around), Ellie approached me with this question...

Ellie: (*tugs my short leg to get my attention*) "Hey Mommy, I have a question?"
Mommy: (*trying to watch the game AND keep an eye on Jenna*) "Yes mam, what is it?"
Ellie: "What is Jesus' last name?"
Mommy: (*STOPS watching the game and beds down to meet her at eye level*) "Well, I don't think Jesus has a last name, why do you ask?"
Ellie: "Because I was just thinking about him"

**NOTHING MAKES ME PROUDER AS A MOM THAN THE FACT THAT MY DAUGHTER THINKS OF JESUS IN HER the ball park by the way with plenty of chaos going on to keep you engaged in everything BUT Jesus. ***

Just wanted to post that cause I for sure don't ever want to forget that sweet comment. Now go tell you child something about JESUS today....IT STICKS WITH THEM!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tell me what ya thinking....

So I asked the girls to tell me what they were "thinking" about on one of our drives home this week. Here is what I got...

Ellie: "I am thinking of two bad things. One is I don't get to see Becky and Rosey and Two is my birthday is a long way away"
Mommy: "Well why don't you think about something that is good, like all the fun you had at Becky and Rosey's house and what you want to do for your next birthday"
Ellie: "Cause I am thinking of bad right now"

Mommy: "What do you miss about Utah Ellie?"
Ellie: "I didn't want to leave because Utah has better soy vanilla milk and my grandparents are the bestest and I miss them too much"
Mommy: "I know sweet girl, I miss the soy Vanilla and Becky and Rosey too!"
Ellie: "Well I miss them the mostest though!"

Claire: "I am thinking of not forgetting my cleats again so you won't make me tell my coach I was irresponsible and will run extra for it"
Mommy: "Is that seriously what is on your mind right now?"
Claire: "Yes mam"

**side not here...the poor girl left her cleats at home on accident and realized it once we were pulling into to practice. we couldn't run home to get them so we had to borrow from a friend nearby...claire said, "I thought you got them mommy!" (with a whiney voice) and I replied kindly (with a sprinkle of sarcasm), "No huney, I got a diaper bag, drinks, sipppy cups, pecan swirls, sunblock, towels, pool toys, math ds games, books, crayons, gym bag, lunch cooler, phone, keys and MY purse...I DID NOT GET YOUR CLEATS!!!!!!!**

Jenna: "I am thinking about the boys milk at the Publix freezer cause Ellie said they have gas station milk and I said no they don't Ellie it doesn't work at the gas station"
Mommy:"What doesn't work at the gas station Jenna?"
Jenna: "The cow that has the milk doesn't do gas station milk only Publix milk!"

Monday, May 17, 2010

Con-a-strate, "what the world" and living at the ballpark

Ellie and Jenna were modeling clay at the kitchen table while I was cooking... I over hear Jenna speaking to Ellie...

Jenna: "I need you to stop it Ellie!"
Ellie: "Jenna, I am not doing anything!"
Jenna: "Well, I am trying to con-a-strate (concentrate)on my design ELLIE!!!"

I had a doctor's appointment this morning at Brookwood Hospital, as we walked across the crosswalk, Jenna looked out the window and said, "Oh my gosh, what the world, we are on top of this and the cars are not..hahahah"

Yesterday I was looking for Jenna (couldn't find her, assumed she was upstairs playing in her room)then she rounds the corner of the dining room and I questioned her...
Mommy: "Jenna girl, what were you doing? I couldn't find you"
Jenna: "I just couldn't get up Mommy. I was so tired, you know what I mean?"
Mommy: (laughing out loud) "Yes, Jenna I know exactly what you mean, Mommy is tired every single day!"

I have been working with Jenna on our address and phone numbers and such. Ellie asked her today what her address was and she looked puzzled???
Ellie: "Jenna what is your address?"
Jenna: (odd look on her face)
Mommy: "Ellie, ask her where she lives, instead of what her address is"
Ellie: "Jenna where do you live?"
Jenna: "At the ballpark and a home called bent creek"

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Summer Plans, United States, and God's Power

This post is just some Ellie quotes!

ELlie: "Hey Jenna, you want me to teach you some states I know from school?"
Jenna: "No."
Ellie: "Well, there is Del-ware, and Georgia and Indiana, and I-wowa, Hawaii, Tennessee, North Carolin, Mississippi, Utah, and Idaho!"
Mommy: "Ellie, I think you meant Iowa, not I-wowa"
Ellie: "Oh yea, I just get them a little confused cause there are FIFTY of them!!!"

Mommy: "Hey girls, we need to remember a new friend when we say our prayers each day, okay. Her name is Johanna and she is feeling a little angry at God right now.
Jenna: "Why is her mad at God, what did he do?"
Ellie: "How come she is angry?"
Mommy: "Well, she really wants a baby and doesn't feel like God will give her one"
CLaire: "Why does she think He won't let her have a baby"
Mommy: "Well...because she has been hoping for one for a long time and she is feeling like giving up hope that He will answer her prayer of having a child...."
Ellie: "But you know what Mommy, God has more powers than a million powers together and he loves us more than all the powers because he let Jesus die for us and God can help her because He just can cause He does everything"

Mommy: "Ellie would you like to tell me your list of summer fun activities you'd like to do?"
Ellie: "sure...let's see, first I want to go to the galleria, then the summit to shop for dresses only, then the park and I want to jump (on the trampoline) for one whole day and not get off, play in the dirt cause it is my most favorite, paint with your good paint and brushes, make modeling clay, dance in the basement to Claire's music but really loud, and go to Jesse's place to take my clothes and toys to those girls (Jesse's Place is a shelter for battered women and their children), eat ice-cream from the ice-cream truck, have a spend the party at night, go to Alex's house (Alex is a former student of mine that my girls absolutely LOVE)....

Mommy: "Well Ellie, that is an awesome list of fun things to do...hopefully we can do them all"
Ellie: "Oh wait a minute, please write down ALABAMA ADVENTURE, but remember it is just me and Claire and you and Daddy, NO LITTLE ONES...okay!?!?!"

Thursday, May 6, 2010

State Flowers, Burgers, Boogers, and Make-UP

Ellie reading her states fact book...

Ellie: "Mommy did you know the Mississippi state has a 'mag-a-noley' for a state flower"
Mommy: "Ellie, I think you mean 'magnolia'"
Ellie: "Oh, yeah, sure Mommy"

Ellie: "Well that is strange"
Jenna: "What Ellie, What Ellie"
Ellie: "Well...Main and New York have the same state flower"
Jenna: looking very confused, "Huh?"
Ellie: "Nothing Jenna, you need to be a five year old like me one day!"

Daddy is grilling hamburgers and Ellie was the kitchen helper...
Ellie: "Mommy, do you smell those hamburgers?"
Mommy: "yes Ellie, I do and they smell wonderful"
Ellie; "Well, Mommy those burgers smell screamin good"

Jenna: "I think I feel like I need my pajamees and I need them right now"
(this was on the way back from playing outside waiting for Claire to get off the bus)

Mommy: "Jenna please stop picking your nose!"
Jenna: "Mommy, I am NOT picking my nose, I am tracing it!"
**I assume this stems from "tracing" our letters everyday...**

Last but not least, walking the neighborhood yesterday, the big girls left Jenna and she yelled out at them, "I AM STAYIN WITH MOMMY CAUSE SHE HAS THE REAL MAKE-UP, NOT PRETEND MAKE-UP, AND I AM A PRINCESS!!" **and then she started crying hysterically because they left her**

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dead Legs, Dry Milk and a Penguin!

Taking the girls out for a walk/run in the evenings after we arrive home from school...
Claire: "I'm just hot and need some water"
Ellie: "You are just complaining cause Mommy says so"
Jenna: "I can't do this Mommy"
Mommy: "How come Jenna, you are a strong girl..come on, let's catch up to Claire and ELlie"
Jenna: "But I can't cause my legs are dead" (I say this phrase quite a bit after I've had a long run, so apparently she IS listening)

Eating supper last night...
Jenna: "Hey Ellie, do you like dry milk or wet milk?"
Ellie: "There isn't dry milk Jenna, only wet milk!"
Jenna: "Yes there is Eliie, see this cup is dry milk, and I don't like this one!" (the milk cup was therefor the milk was all dried up!)

Walking into my bathroom as Daddy is overseeing the boys playing in the bathtub....
John David: **Babbling while pulling his "penguin" and laughing at his Daddy**
Daddy: "Where's your penguin buddy?"
Daddy: "Good job John David, but don't pull to hard!"
John David: **Smiling really big while "pulling his penguin**...hahaha!

This morning I asked Jenna if she was excited about Ella's birthday party (her bestfriend).

Jenna: "I can't wait Mommy!"
Mommy: "Me too Jenna, I think you will love the tea party"
Jenna: "I bet she is going to have coffee for me"
Mommy: "Coffee?!, really, what kind do you think you'll have?"
Jenna: "I am choosing "Sprite Coffee" cause that is the kind I like"
Mommy: "Sprite Coffee sounds good!"
Jenna: "No, it sounds great"

Saturday, April 10, 2010

"My Mom Said No"

Driving home from school, Claire was talking to my dad on my cell phone.

Claire: "Yes, we wore our shirts last night (talking about the Penguin shirts)"
Claire: "No, my mom said 'No'!"
**without smiling or laughing at all, speaking totally nonchalantly**
Claire: "Well, she just said 'No' cause she didn't want me to get into a conversation at school explaining why boys like to pull themselves!!!!"


And another Claire moment was also when she was talking to my dad one night, telling him all about her softball game.

Claire: "Guess what, I am playing first base now!"
MY Dad: "You know something, when I played baseball I was a first baseman too"
My Dad: (Laughing hysterically) "Well, yeah girl, there was baseball back when I was a kid!"
**Laughter all around on that one**

Thursday, April 1, 2010

"Your REAL Father" and Texting..

Ellie: "Hey mommy, I know who your real father is..not the pretend one but the real one?"
Mommy: "You do??, who is my real father Ellie?"
Ellie: "God is your real father and your pretend father on the Earth is Mose!"
Mommy: "Ellie, you crack me up girl!"
Ellie: "I know"

Jenna: "Hey Ellie give me that phone cause I need to text somebody."
Ellie: "Who?"
Jenna: "Just somebody so give it to me!!"
Mommy: "Can you ask nicely to borrow the phone and not use an ugly voice!?"
Jenna: "No..I mean Yes, sorry Mommy!"

Friday, March 26, 2010

Sprouting "boo boos", Rainbows and Babies

Ellie: "Mooooommmmy..."
Mommy: "Yes, honey, what is it"
Ellie: "I need you to come quick"
**I walk upstairs to check on her, since it is mid-night!!!"
Ellie: "I woke up and found a plant sprouting up from my boo boo on my knee!!"
Mommy: "No, Ellie, that is not a plant sprouting, it is baby hairs on your knee"
Ellie: "Oh, good , cause I was worried about what to do with a plant sprouting from my boo boo!"

Jenna: "Mommy I know why God gives us rainbows"
Mommy: "You do, why does God give us rainbows Jenna?"
Jenna: "He let's us slide down them when we are 3 years old now cause He wants us to"
Ellie: "No Jenna, God gives us rainbows so we don't forget that it is His sign that He won't flood the land again and so we remember and not forget He did flood the land"

**James Daniel had a HUGE blowout poop in the van while sitting in car pool line, so I decided to use my time wisely and crawl back in the back and change him. As I am in the process of changing him I hear Jenna yelp...
"Mommy, can you put that brother outside please, not the other one, that one!"
Mommy: "No Jenna I am not putting your brother outside"
Jenna: "But I don't need to smell that yucky smell!"

Claire: "Mommy, you should have just heard what Ellie said!"
Mommy: "Oh my, what did she say, was it inappropriate?"
Claire: "No, she said, 'Look, I am carrying three things with two hands, that means I am talented like Mommy!'..."
Mommy: **laughing out loud!**

**Walking into the YMCA one morning, Jenna notices twin boys in the childcare area. They are boys, probably about 9 months old and they look completely identical**
Jenna: "Miss Sarah, why are those two babies the same?"
Miss Sarah: "Because they are twins like your brothers, they look the same."
Jenna: "My brothers are not the same, see that is John David and that is James Daniel!"
(I thought it was kind of neat that Jenna sees other twins as being "the same" but sees her brothers as different)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tiger Woods, a witch and Olivia's house!

Mommy- "Something smells really good! Who has on lotion or spray?"
Claire- "I do"
Mommy- "It smells new, what flavor is it?"
Claire- "Tiger Woods"
Mommy- "WHAT!?!?"
Cliare- "Tiger Woods lotion, or no, maybe it was Tigris Woods?"
**Mommy is looking really confused at this point, Claire goes to her bathroom to retreive the lotion bottle**
Claire- "Actually it is called "Twilight Woods" bad!

**Eating at Cracker Barrel**
I took the girls to the restroom and a staff member was cleaning. The staff member was an elderl lady (hunctched back) silver hair in a bun, with GREEN circular glasses. Jenna speaks directly to the woman while Claire, Ellie and I are using the bathroom.

Jenna- "Are you a real witch?"
Mommy- "Jenna, be quiet honey, let's go find Mamaw"
Jenna- "Hey lady, are you a witch"
Cracker Barrel Employee- "Yes"
**Jenna looks completely freaked out and turns to me and says...**

(Obviously the lady didn't hear Jenna and remarked "yes" not realizing the toddler asked her if she were a WITCH!)

**Ellie spent an evening with a friend from school. Her friend is Olivia and Miss Olivia is just about as dramatic as Ellie Bug. They go to Bruno's together. Olivia lives in Greyston in a mansion** No I am not exaggerating. I have never been in a home this elaborate or this size.**

Claire- "Ellie did you like Olivia's house?"
Ellie- "Oh yes, it was amazing and I want her house to be my house"
Claire- "Really, how come it was so great"
Ellie- "Well for starts it has swrily things everywhere and stiar that go everywhere and she has two rooms. one for her and the other one is hanah montana room and she has four real dogs not pretend ones, and ice cream (lots in her freezers)and even cocunut spray and lipstick. She has ring in her backpack and a remote control for her flat screen tv in her room!!!!"
Claire- "Ellie, you do know that all that stuff doesn't make you happy even if you want it all"
Ellie- "Oh I know cause Mommy told me that bragging is a sin and "battitudes" tells us to be good for God".....but the swirly things and cocunet spray would be nice!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

talking to God and seeing a caterpillar

So here are some recent comments I don't want to forget!

Driving home from church...
Claire- "Mommy, can you please ask Jenna to be quiet..I am trying to read"
(Jenna humming, singing, talking in the background)
Me- "Jenna, will you please be quiet for Claire, she as already asked you several times to stop talking"
Jenna- (in a very loud, bold voice) "I AM TALKING TO GOD"

**perfect answer huh?**

Driving down Hwy 280...
Ellie- "Well that is cool, I have never seen a caterpillar like that one before"
Me- "Where do you see a caterpillar?"
Ellie- "Right there...see...out the window!"
Claire- "That is a bulldozer Ellie"
Ellie- "Well it says 'caterpillar'"
(Ellie has begun reading everything in print....she noticed the bulldozer with the name CATERPILLAR printed on the side.)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

J-Love Speaks the Truth!

First of all Jenna is nicknamed "Boo" and "J-Love"
Clarie named her Boo when she was a week old by calling her "boo boo" and I have always said "Hey my love girl" since she was itty bitty so now "J-Love" has stuck.

I took Ellie and "J-Love" to US Nails (a nail salon in Oak Mt.) to have their nails painted. We walk in, they are giggling, beaming with pride from choosing their obnoxious bubblegum pink nail polish, and they make their way to the lovely ORIENTAL salonist. Of course Ellie has done this before so she knows to remain quiet and calm, wait her turn and not cause problems. Jenna on the other hand is enjoying this experience for the first time.

Here goes:

Naiil Lady- "Ooh, what you name" {with a very heavy oriental accent}
Jenna- "Mommy her is not talking right"
Mommy- "Jenna, remember you have to be really still and talking, okay?"
Jenna- "But Mommy her is not talking right, why is her saying those kind of words?"
Mommy- "It is okay Jenna, she is asking you what your name is"
Jenna- "Oh, Jenna Kaffrine (Kathryn) Pate"
Nail Lady- "OOH, how old you"
Jenna- "Mommy hers is not talking right again"
Mommy- "Jenna she is asking you how old you are"
Jenna- "Oh, 2 but I am gonna be 3 and no more 2 in April fif (fifth)"

Jenna continues with her 100 questions. What is that black fing (thing)..Is it gonna bite me?...You have a little fan..Is it gonna chop me off?...Why are you hands cold?...How do you have that shirt?..Did you have a baby like me too?...
This continues for 10 min. as I am the translator between the two because Jenna sure couldn't understand the lady and the poor lady couldn't really understand Jenna...

Of course the questioning goes on and on, but the hysterical part of it all was when the nice lady asked her what her name was and Jenna turned to me with a deranged look on her face and said really boldly, "MOMMY, HER IS NOT TALKING RIGHT"

All the while Ellie was completely quiet because as I look over to see what she is doing, I notice her smiling at herself in the big mirror in front of her!

And yes, if you are wondering, the boys were also there...hanging out in the stroller being totally content watching all the women in the salon...go figure!

Words of Wisdom!?!?!

Claire- "Mommy I need to translate my sentences onto my notebook, do you have a pencil"
Mommy- "Do you mean transfer your sentences onto your notebook?"
Claire- "Oops, yeah, that is what I meant...translate is speaking a different language, I guess my mind got a little tangled"

Ellie- "Mommy, I know the state animals for some states"
Mommy- "You do, that is great honey, what is Alabama's state animal?"
Jenna- (shouting from the back of the van) "THE LELLOW (YELLOW) HAMMER"
Mommy- "Jenna you need to let Ellie tell me and not interrupt"
Ellie- "It is not even the Yellow Hammer Mommy, that is the state bird"
Claire- "The animal is an armadillo"
Ellie- "No, the animal is a red belly turtle...yall are all so confused"

Mommy- "Ellie can you read this book for me?"
Ellie- "Sure, but first I have to tell you that this book has a mendal (medal) for it because my library book teacehr says it to me when this golden sticker is on the book"
{Ellie is taking about the Newberry and Caldecott Award books}

Mommy- "Ellie how was your day at school today?"
Ellie- "It was good. I learneded (learned) that the Smokey Mountains are in Tennessee AND North Carolina, I am sure you just thought they were in Tn...but that's not the case at all..they are in North Carolina too"
{Obviously Ellie is remembering word for word what her teachers are saying.."that's not the case at all???" hahah!}

Riding Home from church last night Ellie says-
"I am going to try and not bite my fingernails until I die even when I am a really old grandmother"
{What makes her think of these things?? we have no idea, but it cracks us up}

I also captured one of Ellie's prayers word for word.
Ellie- "Dear God and Jesus help your angels come down for a minute and help the Hati people and they can have houses again, and take Hope's pain away so she can be okay again, and give Riley some more hair so she won't be very very sick anymore and thank you for letting you die on the cross for me..AMEN"
{Hope is a young girl who had a brain aneurysm and is trying to recover, she has gone from a healthy 13 yo lively girl to basically bed ridden and speechless. Her mom and I cheered in high school together and I was at the hospital when Hope was born. It breaks our hearts to know what has occurred in her life, but we still pray every single night for Hope. Riley is a 4 year old little girl who has been battling cancer. Our girls have a deep connection to her. Ellie prays for Riley all the time. Claire sold all of her stuffed animals to raise money for Riley's family. Riley is doing so much better and our girls think it is because God heard their prayers.}

I will capture Claire's prayer tonight. I have been meaning to do this. It is really priceless to hear your children pray. We don't tell them what to say, they pray independently and it is amazing how they remember certain people and prayers.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Imagination Emerging

So anyone who knows our family well, knows that Ellie is one with an active imagination..however, I think Jenna may give her a run for her money.


Jenna- "Mommy, today I am going to be a cat, okay?"
Mommy- "Why do you want to be a cat Jenna?"
Jenna- "Because kidses like to be cats"
Mommy- "Okay, do you know what kind of cat you would like to be?"
Jenna- "I am a pink scrawberry (strawberry) cat like scrawberry milk so when you lick me I am good"
Mommy- "Jenna that sounds like a great cat to be, now I need you to go find your shoe so we can leave, okay?"
Jenna- "Cats don't wear shoes mommy, I am a strawberry cat today"
Mommy- "Cats are not allowed in my van or the YMCA to play!"
Jenna- "Then I am going to be a SHOECAT today, and they taste good too"

Last night reading the Bible with Ellie..

Ellie- "I know why the people couldn't build a tower to Heaven"
Mommy- "Why do you think they failed at building the tower all the way to God"
Ellie- "Because they were bragging to all their friends that they were the bestest and not telling them that God was the bestest and then a tower was going to fall down because God said so and what God says so is the right way"
Mommy- "Very good Ellie, what would you have told the people trying to build the tower to Heaven if you were there?"
Ellie- "I would tell them to not be a "bragger" because God says to not brag and you know what else mommy..I don't like these kinds of dresses they are wearing so I would probably not want to be that kind of dress."

Conversation between Ellie and Jenna:

Ellie- "Jenna I love your oh so cute style..for real"
Jenna- "me too Ellie, can you be a groovy girl doll and me too and we can play groovy girl dolls"
Ellie- "No because I am thinking that tonight I am sticking with a fairy"

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Puzzle Card Girl

Jenna- "I wish I could be a puzzle card"
Mommy- "Why do you want to be a puzzle card?"
Jenna- "Because then I could be this cute little girl on here with this blue dress"
Mommy- "But you are much cuter than the little girl on the puzzle card"
Jenna- "Mommy I just need to be her okay, just need to be her that's all"

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


SO here is the first entry to my newest blog. This idea came from my great friend Brooke Coyle (who has identical twin miracle babies like us)I decided I wanted to keep a record of the comments my precious little ones make each day. I hear them say things that make me laugh, sometimes make me angry/crazy, but mostly make me cry with laughter or just remember the innocence and love a child is a purity that I know will soon be gone, so for now I want to record them and treasure them with this blog.

I want to start with a letter I found from Claire last night:

"Dear (_____),
I know you don't know me, but my mom told me about you and your mom. All that I wanted to say to you is that I know your mom is in the hospital all the time now. I know what you feel like because in 2008 my mom was pregnant with twin boys and I didn't get to see her very much. But it is worth not being able to see her because it taught me a big lesson to pray and think about people who don't even have a mom. Hope you can write back soon. Love, Claire"

Now my sweet 8 year old had tears well up in her eyes when I told her about mommy's new friend (who is pregnant with quads and is living in the room I lived in a year and a half ago) This woman has a seven year old daughter who doesn't get to visit her mommy much and is having a hard time right now. They live in Albertville (north AL) so Brookwood Hospital is not conveniently located to "home"..Claire came in from school and summoned to a piece of writing paper and pencil immediately. She said, "Mommy can you please take this to your friend who is having the quads"...what a big heart she has..

On a lighter note, this morning I was sharing a few Jenna moments with the YMCA ladies.

Jenna- "Mommy, do your boobies have apple juice too or not just milk"
Mommy- "No Jenna, just milk for the boys"
Jenna- "Oh"
***Moving into the kitchen for cereal
Jenna- "Mommy, is mine breast milk cereal or regger (regular) milk cereal?"
Mommy- "Your cereal is always regular milk cereal Jenna"
Jenna- "Oh thank you mommy and Ellie gets soy milk cause she is matactose intomerent"
Mommy- "Yes, Jenna, Ellie is lactose intolerant and gets the soy milk"

Background Knowledge:(I was teaching Jenna about penguins one day and the words male and female came up. I explained that males are boys and females are girls. She seemed to understand, we gave examples....Mommy is a female, Jenna is a female, Claire and Ellie are females, Daddy and the brothers are males. Two weeks later she was at Lee Lee's school (her old daycare) and told her teacher that her friend (a boy) had a penguin when he went to the potty!!! Poor girl is scared for life!

Jenna- "Mommy, James Daniel is pulling his penguin again!" (as I am preparing to get them out of the tub)
Mommy- "Okay Jenna, it is fine, boys like to pull their penguins"
Jenna- "But we don't have penguins do we mommy?"
Mommy- "No Jenna we don't"
Jenna- "Can I just have a jelly bean instead?" (this though she meant literally because our pantry is laced with jellybeans this time of the year)