The Fab Five!

The Fab Five!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tiger Woods, a witch and Olivia's house!

Mommy- "Something smells really good! Who has on lotion or spray?"
Claire- "I do"
Mommy- "It smells new, what flavor is it?"
Claire- "Tiger Woods"
Mommy- "WHAT!?!?"
Cliare- "Tiger Woods lotion, or no, maybe it was Tigris Woods?"
**Mommy is looking really confused at this point, Claire goes to her bathroom to retreive the lotion bottle**
Claire- "Actually it is called "Twilight Woods" bad!

**Eating at Cracker Barrel**
I took the girls to the restroom and a staff member was cleaning. The staff member was an elderl lady (hunctched back) silver hair in a bun, with GREEN circular glasses. Jenna speaks directly to the woman while Claire, Ellie and I are using the bathroom.

Jenna- "Are you a real witch?"
Mommy- "Jenna, be quiet honey, let's go find Mamaw"
Jenna- "Hey lady, are you a witch"
Cracker Barrel Employee- "Yes"
**Jenna looks completely freaked out and turns to me and says...**

(Obviously the lady didn't hear Jenna and remarked "yes" not realizing the toddler asked her if she were a WITCH!)

**Ellie spent an evening with a friend from school. Her friend is Olivia and Miss Olivia is just about as dramatic as Ellie Bug. They go to Bruno's together. Olivia lives in Greyston in a mansion** No I am not exaggerating. I have never been in a home this elaborate or this size.**

Claire- "Ellie did you like Olivia's house?"
Ellie- "Oh yes, it was amazing and I want her house to be my house"
Claire- "Really, how come it was so great"
Ellie- "Well for starts it has swrily things everywhere and stiar that go everywhere and she has two rooms. one for her and the other one is hanah montana room and she has four real dogs not pretend ones, and ice cream (lots in her freezers)and even cocunut spray and lipstick. She has ring in her backpack and a remote control for her flat screen tv in her room!!!!"
Claire- "Ellie, you do know that all that stuff doesn't make you happy even if you want it all"
Ellie- "Oh I know cause Mommy told me that bragging is a sin and "battitudes" tells us to be good for God".....but the swirly things and cocunet spray would be nice!

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  1. That is hilarious!! I love hearing all their conversations.