The Fab Five!

The Fab Five!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

J-Love Speaks the Truth!

First of all Jenna is nicknamed "Boo" and "J-Love"
Clarie named her Boo when she was a week old by calling her "boo boo" and I have always said "Hey my love girl" since she was itty bitty so now "J-Love" has stuck.

I took Ellie and "J-Love" to US Nails (a nail salon in Oak Mt.) to have their nails painted. We walk in, they are giggling, beaming with pride from choosing their obnoxious bubblegum pink nail polish, and they make their way to the lovely ORIENTAL salonist. Of course Ellie has done this before so she knows to remain quiet and calm, wait her turn and not cause problems. Jenna on the other hand is enjoying this experience for the first time.

Here goes:

Naiil Lady- "Ooh, what you name" {with a very heavy oriental accent}
Jenna- "Mommy her is not talking right"
Mommy- "Jenna, remember you have to be really still and talking, okay?"
Jenna- "But Mommy her is not talking right, why is her saying those kind of words?"
Mommy- "It is okay Jenna, she is asking you what your name is"
Jenna- "Oh, Jenna Kaffrine (Kathryn) Pate"
Nail Lady- "OOH, how old you"
Jenna- "Mommy hers is not talking right again"
Mommy- "Jenna she is asking you how old you are"
Jenna- "Oh, 2 but I am gonna be 3 and no more 2 in April fif (fifth)"

Jenna continues with her 100 questions. What is that black fing (thing)..Is it gonna bite me?...You have a little fan..Is it gonna chop me off?...Why are you hands cold?...How do you have that shirt?..Did you have a baby like me too?...
This continues for 10 min. as I am the translator between the two because Jenna sure couldn't understand the lady and the poor lady couldn't really understand Jenna...

Of course the questioning goes on and on, but the hysterical part of it all was when the nice lady asked her what her name was and Jenna turned to me with a deranged look on her face and said really boldly, "MOMMY, HER IS NOT TALKING RIGHT"

All the while Ellie was completely quiet because as I look over to see what she is doing, I notice her smiling at herself in the big mirror in front of her!

And yes, if you are wondering, the boys were also there...hanging out in the stroller being totally content watching all the women in the salon...go figure!

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  1. Hey, I'm with Jenna...her is not talking right. I always go to the same place at Tiger Town, so I've learned to understand most of them, but if there is every a new, yeah, her is not talking right. LOL