The Fab Five!

The Fab Five!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Daddy, Rob, and the RUNS

Jenn Goode (a wonderful friend of ours) kept Jenna and the boys this week until their home daycare opens up next week. As I picked Jenna up, she began telling me about her day with Ms. Jenn...
Mommy: "Jenna how was your day?"
Jenna: "Good, but I had the runs today"
Mommy: "Awe, did your tummy hurt?"
Jenna: "No silly Mommy, my exercise today was doing Ms.Jenn's runs"
Jenna: "And boy was I 'pooped'"...hahah

I am trying to unlock Rob's car while holding five bags, my purse, water bottle, phone, etc...and Jenna looks up at me and says:
"Mommy, do you need me to get Rob for you?"

Jenna playing a game called "Bop It" and the game talks back to you when you mistakenly hit a wrong button...Jenna is playing it and I hear...
"WHAT...What's up with that...He said I got ONE"

My favorite one from last week, was Jenna telling me on the way to school,
"Mommy, I was not liking it this morning when Daddy woke me up, I told him I wasn't done sleeping yet...maybe he didn't understand...he keeped waking me up still, and I wasn't done sleeping!"