The Fab Five!

The Fab Five!

Monday, February 7, 2011

BOY oh BOY do we have some BOY conversations!

I have been waiting so long to post a conversation between 'my boys' and the time has finally we go for the first conversation....

We are leaving their school today and I said (like I always do), "So boys, did yall have a good day at Ms. Joan's?"....(I always ask them this and they don't usually say much) Today however, they started TALKING like never before...
Here are the vocab words to understand better....Joan is 'Doan' and snack is 'nack', and they call each other 'bubby' and James is 'Dames'

John David: "Hey Mommy, I Doan home, yay"
Mommy: (so surprised by the response) "Wow, buddy, you had a good day at Mrs. Joan's?"
James: "Me Mommy, Dames go Doan's"
Mommy: (really thrilled now that James has chimed in) "Oh my goodness buddy, you had a fun day at Mrs. Joan's too"
John David: "No no bubby I nack"
(Joan had given them a bag of gold fish for the car ride home)
James: "Yay bubby I nack too"
John David: "Mommy I more nack no bubby nack"
Mommy: "John David we have plenty of snack so you and brother can both have some snack, okay"
James: "NOOOOOOO, Mommy, NOOOOOOOO" and he starts screaming.
Mommy: "James Daniel Pate we aren't going to use ugly screaming voices toward our brother, that is ugly and mean"
John David: STARTS LAUGHING and says: "Ha Ha bubby"
(WE all started laughing...even Clarie looked at me and said, "Oh my gosh, did you just hear John David say 'ha ha' to James"

Later on in the evening we are finishing up dinner as I give each kid (yes all five) a wipee to clean their mouth and hands before leaving the table. I am cleaning up dishes and I hear the boys talking to each other again...again, here is the vocab. tape is 'dape' and broke is 'boke' and this is 'dis'

John David: "Bubby I do dis"
James: "Yay, me bubby, me"
(they are cleaning the table now with their wipes)
John David: "Uh oh bubby boke"
James: "Mommy boke, Mommy boke"
Mommy: "Hey buddy did your wipe break"
(beacuse I notice they have both ripped up their wipe and there are shreds of wipee all over the floor)
John David: "Dape Mommy, I boke"
Mommy: "Did you say tape John David?"
John David: "Yeah" (as clear as the sky is blue, he said YEAH when I asked him if he needed tape for his broken wipee)