The Fab Five!

The Fab Five!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Chicken and Table" and "I Not Gonna Chop Chop You" "God Talkin"

Eating dinner last night at Shane's Rib Shack (Gross I know, I can't believe I fed my children a plate of grease!) Anyway, Jenna was in charge of "role modeling" for the boys at the table while I placed our order, Claire filled drinks, and Ellie gathered the condiments. I overheard Jenna and the boys.
Jenna: "Okay boys, you have to sit like Jenna and be still, okay"
John David: "No I do dis" (as he was spinning on the seat)
Jenna: "No chicken for you if you don't be sweet"
James: "I be sweet Jenna"
John David: "I like chicken"
Jenna: "Say thank you God for our chicken"
James: "Thank you God for a chicken"
James: "Jenna I like da table"
Jenna: "God gave us this table"
James: "Thank you God for da table"
John David: (still spinning out of control) "Jenna I do dis,I not like da chicken, I not like da table"

Snuggling with John David Saturday morning....
Mommy:"Buddy I love you so much"
John David: "I love you too, you smell clean"
Mommy:"Thank you John David, you smell clean too"
JOhn David: "I not gonna chop,chop you mommy"
Mommy: "Wow, thanks John David, I don't want you to chop, chop me"
John David: "Okay, you nice, you my friend, you smell good"

(totally random...have no idea where that came from)

Riding to school one morning....
Ellie: "So people say they "hear" God, my question is "how"?!?"
Claire:"You can hear God speak in different ways, through songs, people, stories, etc"
Mommy: "Good answer Claire Bear, that is right, we listen for the Holy Spirit to whisper to us in our heart through many different means, like people and music and stores, and especially through HIS Word, the Bible."
Ellie: "So if God speaks through His word, do you just put the Bible up to your ear and He just starts talking?"
Claire: "No Ellie, God doesn't have a voice like us, He isn't going to start speaking in a loud voice from your Bible like a phone!"
Ellie: "But yall said, God speaks through His word and other stuff"
Mommy: "Yes Ellie, But He isn't going to start "talking" out of the Bible, we read his words and hear His voice through the stories and lessons we learn in our lives, but not literally "hear" just figuratively "hear" Him speak"
Ellie: "Mommy, you are not making sense, either you HEAR or NOT...which one is it!"
Mommy: "Go ask your Daddy!"