The Fab Five!

The Fab Five!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Polyester Fiber, God and Wisemen, Good Smelling Breath!

I realize it has been over a month since I have posted these crazy kids' cute little comments, but I got some good goes!

Ellie scrabling to the restroom and Jenna was in her way...
Ellie: "Move Jenna faster than that!" (while crying hysterically, dancing around holding herself)
Ellie: "Jenna I have to potty, and it is going to come out!" (still crying and whinning)
Jenna: "Oh Ellie, what's the big deal, calm down, I said!" (using her most sarcastic voice ever)

**If you don't think kids listen to what mommy and daddy say...HA...THEY DO!

Driving down the road to church one morning...
Jenna: "Hey mommy, did you know that Jesus had to be moved to Jeruselum"
Mommy: "Wow, Jenna that is very smart, where did you learn that?"
Jenna: "Oh, God told me yesterday when I was talking to Him"
Mommy: LAUGHING OUT LOUD because she said it so matter of factly. SO I said, "What else did God tell you?"
Jenna: "Just some other stuffs too like the wise men and things"
Mommy:"What about the wise men?"
Jenna: "Well, if you don't have some ice-water and need some they can bring some to you."
Mommy: "Really?" "How do you know this?!"
Jenna: "I already told you, God told me this stuffs!"

I smelt Claire's lotion or parfume and mentioned, "Something smells good, what is that I am smelling?"
Jenna responds: "It's my breath!"

Driving to the YMCA (notice how many conversations happen in our van driving somewhere?) Jenna is snuggling with her pillow pet (it's a penguin of course)and I hear....
Jenna: "No it is not a Ellie"
Ellie: "Yes it is Jenna"
Jenna: "No it is not Ellie"
(back and forth at least 10 times!!)
Ellie: "Jenna doesn't believe me that her penguin is full of POLYESTER FIBER"
Jenna: (crying now) "She is not full, she is hungry for peanut butter roll ups and Ellie is not obeying"
Ellie: "But I am trying to show her the polyester fiber ticket and she won't let me" (because Ellie reads the most random things like tags on pillow pets!)
Claire: (laughing) "They are relentless"......