The Fab Five!

The Fab Five!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Words of Wisdom!?!?!

Claire- "Mommy I need to translate my sentences onto my notebook, do you have a pencil"
Mommy- "Do you mean transfer your sentences onto your notebook?"
Claire- "Oops, yeah, that is what I meant...translate is speaking a different language, I guess my mind got a little tangled"

Ellie- "Mommy, I know the state animals for some states"
Mommy- "You do, that is great honey, what is Alabama's state animal?"
Jenna- (shouting from the back of the van) "THE LELLOW (YELLOW) HAMMER"
Mommy- "Jenna you need to let Ellie tell me and not interrupt"
Ellie- "It is not even the Yellow Hammer Mommy, that is the state bird"
Claire- "The animal is an armadillo"
Ellie- "No, the animal is a red belly turtle...yall are all so confused"

Mommy- "Ellie can you read this book for me?"
Ellie- "Sure, but first I have to tell you that this book has a mendal (medal) for it because my library book teacehr says it to me when this golden sticker is on the book"
{Ellie is taking about the Newberry and Caldecott Award books}

Mommy- "Ellie how was your day at school today?"
Ellie- "It was good. I learneded (learned) that the Smokey Mountains are in Tennessee AND North Carolina, I am sure you just thought they were in Tn...but that's not the case at all..they are in North Carolina too"
{Obviously Ellie is remembering word for word what her teachers are saying.."that's not the case at all???" hahah!}

Riding Home from church last night Ellie says-
"I am going to try and not bite my fingernails until I die even when I am a really old grandmother"
{What makes her think of these things?? we have no idea, but it cracks us up}

I also captured one of Ellie's prayers word for word.
Ellie- "Dear God and Jesus help your angels come down for a minute and help the Hati people and they can have houses again, and take Hope's pain away so she can be okay again, and give Riley some more hair so she won't be very very sick anymore and thank you for letting you die on the cross for me..AMEN"
{Hope is a young girl who had a brain aneurysm and is trying to recover, she has gone from a healthy 13 yo lively girl to basically bed ridden and speechless. Her mom and I cheered in high school together and I was at the hospital when Hope was born. It breaks our hearts to know what has occurred in her life, but we still pray every single night for Hope. Riley is a 4 year old little girl who has been battling cancer. Our girls have a deep connection to her. Ellie prays for Riley all the time. Claire sold all of her stuffed animals to raise money for Riley's family. Riley is doing so much better and our girls think it is because God heard their prayers.}

I will capture Claire's prayer tonight. I have been meaning to do this. It is really priceless to hear your children pray. We don't tell them what to say, they pray independently and it is amazing how they remember certain people and prayers.

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