The Fab Five!

The Fab Five!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Imagination Emerging

So anyone who knows our family well, knows that Ellie is one with an active imagination..however, I think Jenna may give her a run for her money.


Jenna- "Mommy, today I am going to be a cat, okay?"
Mommy- "Why do you want to be a cat Jenna?"
Jenna- "Because kidses like to be cats"
Mommy- "Okay, do you know what kind of cat you would like to be?"
Jenna- "I am a pink scrawberry (strawberry) cat like scrawberry milk so when you lick me I am good"
Mommy- "Jenna that sounds like a great cat to be, now I need you to go find your shoe so we can leave, okay?"
Jenna- "Cats don't wear shoes mommy, I am a strawberry cat today"
Mommy- "Cats are not allowed in my van or the YMCA to play!"
Jenna- "Then I am going to be a SHOECAT today, and they taste good too"

Last night reading the Bible with Ellie..

Ellie- "I know why the people couldn't build a tower to Heaven"
Mommy- "Why do you think they failed at building the tower all the way to God"
Ellie- "Because they were bragging to all their friends that they were the bestest and not telling them that God was the bestest and then a tower was going to fall down because God said so and what God says so is the right way"
Mommy- "Very good Ellie, what would you have told the people trying to build the tower to Heaven if you were there?"
Ellie- "I would tell them to not be a "bragger" because God says to not brag and you know what else mommy..I don't like these kinds of dresses they are wearing so I would probably not want to be that kind of dress."

Conversation between Ellie and Jenna:

Ellie- "Jenna I love your oh so cute style..for real"
Jenna- "me too Ellie, can you be a groovy girl doll and me too and we can play groovy girl dolls"
Ellie- "No because I am thinking that tonight I am sticking with a fairy"

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