The Fab Five!

The Fab Five!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Sprouting "boo boos", Rainbows and Babies

Ellie: "Mooooommmmy..."
Mommy: "Yes, honey, what is it"
Ellie: "I need you to come quick"
**I walk upstairs to check on her, since it is mid-night!!!"
Ellie: "I woke up and found a plant sprouting up from my boo boo on my knee!!"
Mommy: "No, Ellie, that is not a plant sprouting, it is baby hairs on your knee"
Ellie: "Oh, good , cause I was worried about what to do with a plant sprouting from my boo boo!"

Jenna: "Mommy I know why God gives us rainbows"
Mommy: "You do, why does God give us rainbows Jenna?"
Jenna: "He let's us slide down them when we are 3 years old now cause He wants us to"
Ellie: "No Jenna, God gives us rainbows so we don't forget that it is His sign that He won't flood the land again and so we remember and not forget He did flood the land"

**James Daniel had a HUGE blowout poop in the van while sitting in car pool line, so I decided to use my time wisely and crawl back in the back and change him. As I am in the process of changing him I hear Jenna yelp...
"Mommy, can you put that brother outside please, not the other one, that one!"
Mommy: "No Jenna I am not putting your brother outside"
Jenna: "But I don't need to smell that yucky smell!"

Claire: "Mommy, you should have just heard what Ellie said!"
Mommy: "Oh my, what did she say, was it inappropriate?"
Claire: "No, she said, 'Look, I am carrying three things with two hands, that means I am talented like Mommy!'..."
Mommy: **laughing out loud!**

**Walking into the YMCA one morning, Jenna notices twin boys in the childcare area. They are boys, probably about 9 months old and they look completely identical**
Jenna: "Miss Sarah, why are those two babies the same?"
Miss Sarah: "Because they are twins like your brothers, they look the same."
Jenna: "My brothers are not the same, see that is John David and that is James Daniel!"
(I thought it was kind of neat that Jenna sees other twins as being "the same" but sees her brothers as different)

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  1. I love all of these. Made me laugh out loud!! They are so cute!