The Fab Five!

The Fab Five!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Dead Legs, Dry Milk and a Penguin!

Taking the girls out for a walk/run in the evenings after we arrive home from school...
Claire: "I'm just hot and need some water"
Ellie: "You are just complaining cause Mommy says so"
Jenna: "I can't do this Mommy"
Mommy: "How come Jenna, you are a strong girl..come on, let's catch up to Claire and ELlie"
Jenna: "But I can't cause my legs are dead" (I say this phrase quite a bit after I've had a long run, so apparently she IS listening)

Eating supper last night...
Jenna: "Hey Ellie, do you like dry milk or wet milk?"
Ellie: "There isn't dry milk Jenna, only wet milk!"
Jenna: "Yes there is Eliie, see this cup is dry milk, and I don't like this one!" (the milk cup was therefor the milk was all dried up!)

Walking into my bathroom as Daddy is overseeing the boys playing in the bathtub....
John David: **Babbling while pulling his "penguin" and laughing at his Daddy**
Daddy: "Where's your penguin buddy?"
Daddy: "Good job John David, but don't pull to hard!"
John David: **Smiling really big while "pulling his penguin**...hahaha!

This morning I asked Jenna if she was excited about Ella's birthday party (her bestfriend).

Jenna: "I can't wait Mommy!"
Mommy: "Me too Jenna, I think you will love the tea party"
Jenna: "I bet she is going to have coffee for me"
Mommy: "Coffee?!, really, what kind do you think you'll have?"
Jenna: "I am choosing "Sprite Coffee" cause that is the kind I like"
Mommy: "Sprite Coffee sounds good!"
Jenna: "No, it sounds great"

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