The Fab Five!

The Fab Five!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

State Flowers, Burgers, Boogers, and Make-UP

Ellie reading her states fact book...

Ellie: "Mommy did you know the Mississippi state has a 'mag-a-noley' for a state flower"
Mommy: "Ellie, I think you mean 'magnolia'"
Ellie: "Oh, yeah, sure Mommy"

Ellie: "Well that is strange"
Jenna: "What Ellie, What Ellie"
Ellie: "Well...Main and New York have the same state flower"
Jenna: looking very confused, "Huh?"
Ellie: "Nothing Jenna, you need to be a five year old like me one day!"

Daddy is grilling hamburgers and Ellie was the kitchen helper...
Ellie: "Mommy, do you smell those hamburgers?"
Mommy: "yes Ellie, I do and they smell wonderful"
Ellie; "Well, Mommy those burgers smell screamin good"

Jenna: "I think I feel like I need my pajamees and I need them right now"
(this was on the way back from playing outside waiting for Claire to get off the bus)

Mommy: "Jenna please stop picking your nose!"
Jenna: "Mommy, I am NOT picking my nose, I am tracing it!"
**I assume this stems from "tracing" our letters everyday...**

Last but not least, walking the neighborhood yesterday, the big girls left Jenna and she yelled out at them, "I AM STAYIN WITH MOMMY CAUSE SHE HAS THE REAL MAKE-UP, NOT PRETEND MAKE-UP, AND I AM A PRINCESS!!" **and then she started crying hysterically because they left her**

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