The Fab Five!

The Fab Five!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Con-a-strate, "what the world" and living at the ballpark

Ellie and Jenna were modeling clay at the kitchen table while I was cooking... I over hear Jenna speaking to Ellie...

Jenna: "I need you to stop it Ellie!"
Ellie: "Jenna, I am not doing anything!"
Jenna: "Well, I am trying to con-a-strate (concentrate)on my design ELLIE!!!"

I had a doctor's appointment this morning at Brookwood Hospital, as we walked across the crosswalk, Jenna looked out the window and said, "Oh my gosh, what the world, we are on top of this and the cars are not..hahahah"

Yesterday I was looking for Jenna (couldn't find her, assumed she was upstairs playing in her room)then she rounds the corner of the dining room and I questioned her...
Mommy: "Jenna girl, what were you doing? I couldn't find you"
Jenna: "I just couldn't get up Mommy. I was so tired, you know what I mean?"
Mommy: (laughing out loud) "Yes, Jenna I know exactly what you mean, Mommy is tired every single day!"

I have been working with Jenna on our address and phone numbers and such. Ellie asked her today what her address was and she looked puzzled???
Ellie: "Jenna what is your address?"
Jenna: (odd look on her face)
Mommy: "Ellie, ask her where she lives, instead of what her address is"
Ellie: "Jenna where do you live?"
Jenna: "At the ballpark and a home called bent creek"

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