The Fab Five!

The Fab Five!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tell me what ya thinking....

So I asked the girls to tell me what they were "thinking" about on one of our drives home this week. Here is what I got...

Ellie: "I am thinking of two bad things. One is I don't get to see Becky and Rosey and Two is my birthday is a long way away"
Mommy: "Well why don't you think about something that is good, like all the fun you had at Becky and Rosey's house and what you want to do for your next birthday"
Ellie: "Cause I am thinking of bad right now"

Mommy: "What do you miss about Utah Ellie?"
Ellie: "I didn't want to leave because Utah has better soy vanilla milk and my grandparents are the bestest and I miss them too much"
Mommy: "I know sweet girl, I miss the soy Vanilla and Becky and Rosey too!"
Ellie: "Well I miss them the mostest though!"

Claire: "I am thinking of not forgetting my cleats again so you won't make me tell my coach I was irresponsible and will run extra for it"
Mommy: "Is that seriously what is on your mind right now?"
Claire: "Yes mam"

**side not here...the poor girl left her cleats at home on accident and realized it once we were pulling into to practice. we couldn't run home to get them so we had to borrow from a friend nearby...claire said, "I thought you got them mommy!" (with a whiney voice) and I replied kindly (with a sprinkle of sarcasm), "No huney, I got a diaper bag, drinks, sipppy cups, pecan swirls, sunblock, towels, pool toys, math ds games, books, crayons, gym bag, lunch cooler, phone, keys and MY purse...I DID NOT GET YOUR CLEATS!!!!!!!**

Jenna: "I am thinking about the boys milk at the Publix freezer cause Ellie said they have gas station milk and I said no they don't Ellie it doesn't work at the gas station"
Mommy:"What doesn't work at the gas station Jenna?"
Jenna: "The cow that has the milk doesn't do gas station milk only Publix milk!"

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