The Fab Five!

The Fab Five!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Best Comment YET!

Claire Bear with her brothers before her game.

Ellie and Jenna taking a break from playing to have a blow pop...yes, I do let my kids eat sugar occasionally...haha! Notice how sweaty they felt like a rainforest out there..UGH!

Claire is playing All Stars this summer so we LIVE at the ball park. Last night, as we are standing around watching the game (and a bunch of little Pate kids running around), Ellie approached me with this question...

Ellie: (*tugs my short leg to get my attention*) "Hey Mommy, I have a question?"
Mommy: (*trying to watch the game AND keep an eye on Jenna*) "Yes mam, what is it?"
Ellie: "What is Jesus' last name?"
Mommy: (*STOPS watching the game and beds down to meet her at eye level*) "Well, I don't think Jesus has a last name, why do you ask?"
Ellie: "Because I was just thinking about him"

**NOTHING MAKES ME PROUDER AS A MOM THAN THE FACT THAT MY DAUGHTER THINKS OF JESUS IN HER the ball park by the way with plenty of chaos going on to keep you engaged in everything BUT Jesus. ***

Just wanted to post that cause I for sure don't ever want to forget that sweet comment. Now go tell you child something about JESUS today....IT STICKS WITH THEM!!!

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