The Fab Five!

The Fab Five!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

During my dad's last visit to our house, the boys were sitting with him one morning...
James Daniel: "Hey Becky what dat in you mouth?"
My Dad: "That is Becky's dip!"
James Daniel: "How come it mells (smells) like han-i-tizer (sanitizer)?"

Jenna arriving home from her first day of Kindergarten
Jenna: "OH mommy, guess what!?!"
Mommy: "Tell me all about it Jenna BOO!"
Jenna: "My bestest day ever to have Savanah at my table and not even have to take a long nap!"
Mommy: ""Wow, that sounds wonderful!"
Jenna: "And the boy who was so annoying me and being on my nerves had to move away from my table, so that was awesome too!"
Mommy: "LOL!"

Jenna on the second day of Kindergarten...
Jenna: "Mommy, today in my class my teacher played four songs for rest time not just two songs. I guess she was extra tired for her nap today!"

Ellie arriving home from her first day of school (2nd grade, Mrs. Galbraith)
Ellie: "Mommy, my teacher is awesome. She is just like me...loves to eat and do art!"
Mommy: "Oh Ellie that makes me so happy to hear"
Ellie: "Well, there is one thing not so good about the two of us"
Mommy: "What is that?"
Ellie: "Well, she pretty much LOVES motorcycles too, but those are not a category I like myself!"

Claire arriving home from first day of Middle School
Mommy: "Well how was your day!?"
Claire: "It was fairly good, considering the beginning of the day I thought my homeroom teacher was man, but he is actually a WOMAN!"
Mommy: "OH geez!"
Claire: "And my science teacher looks like Jesus with white hair, so that is comforting, seeing that I really don't like science at all!"
Mommy: "Wonderful,what about new friends?"
Claire: "One girl on the bus, seems nice...but I didn't make eye contact with anybody new today...maybe tomorrow!!!"
Mommy: "All in a days time my sweet Claire Bear!"

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