The Fab Five!

The Fab Five!

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Favorite drink: "Cream Soda"
Favorite snack: "Chips and Hummus"
Favorite lunch: "Nacho basket, with sour cream, salsa"
Favorite dinner: "Cesar Salad"
Favorite candy: "Cookies and Cream Hersey bar"
Something you are excited about: "My new school, Berry Middle School"
Something you worry about: "lockers and getting to class on time in middle school"
What scares you: "bad teenagers"
What makes you safe: "My parents"
Something you are proud of: "My athletic abilities"
Best friends: "Leah, Mallory, Haley, Anna"
Something you enjoy doing: "Softball"
Something you enjoy doing with Daddy: "Going on date nights with just him"
Something you enjoy with Mommy: "Having talks about stuff"
Things that stress you out: "Big tests and social life"
Memory of Becky: "Camping for real in a mountain and forest"
Memory of Rosey: "Always helping cook with her in the kitchen, like doing grape leaves, and giving books to read that are interesting"
Memory of Papa: "going out to eat and chocolate and cigarettes"
Memory of Mamaw: "buys me clothes for my birthday and Christmas and she always cooks a ton of food"
Memory of Nana: "taking me to get my toes painted, especially when it is just me and her"
Something that makes you laugh: "Coach Pirkle"
Favorite movie: "Soul Surfer"
Favorite book: "Harry Potter"
Favorite colors: "aqua and lime green"
Favorite thing to do with your sisters: "jump on trampoline"
Favorite thing to do with your brothers: "mess around with them, snuggle with them"
Something you hate: "zits"
Something you are really good at: "running fast"

Claire McKinley Pate- 11 years old....where in the world does time go? I can't believe my first born, my sweet Claire Bear, is on the brink of her teen years!!! She is  a beautiful girl, inside and out. I am so proud of her compassionate heart. She makes us so proud!

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